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English (inc Phonics)

The aim of our English curriculum at Moseley Church of England Primary is to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping every child with a strong command of the spoken and written word, and developing their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.

The National Curriculum breaks English up into different strands –

  • Spoken language and listening skills
  • Reading – word reading and comprehension
  • Writing - transcription (spelling and handwriting) 
  •             - composition (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech and writing)
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Any information you need about English at Key Stages 1 and 2 can be found at:-


Our aim

We aim for excellence in English achievement throughout the school. We aim to develop pupils’ abilities within an integrated programme of Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing. Pupils will be given opportunities to develop their use, knowledge and understanding of spoken and written English within a broad and balanced curriculum, with opportunities to consolidate and reinforce the English skills they have been taught.

Pupils at Moseley C of E Primary School will leave Year 6:

  • reading and writing with confidence, fluency and understanding;
  • using a range of independent strategies to take responsibility for their own learning including self-monitoring and correcting their own errors;
  • with a love of reading and a desire to read for enjoyment;
  • with an interest in words and their meanings; developing a growing vocabulary in relation to grammatical terminology;
  • understanding a range of text types, media types and genres;
  • able to write in a variety of styles and forms appropriate to the situation;
  • using their developing creativity, imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness;
  • having a suitable technical vocabulary to respectfully articulate their responses in any discussion.

Our Values


Our Values

We are guided and strengthened by our distinctively Christian values of Hope, Courage, Love, Thankfulness, Trust and Forgiveness. These values were chosen by our school community by reflecting deeply on the meaning of 6 key stories from the Bible. These values are nurtured and lived by all in our school community as we continue to learn and grow together.

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