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Our School Prayer was written as a gift for our school community by our wonderful Year 6 (2020-2021)


For our church school, Collective Worship is a highly valued part of the school day as it is the time when we gather together to affirm what is important to us, to our school and to our world.  We take care to plan our collective worship so that it is inclusive, invitational, and inspiring. In our times of collective worship together, the school affirms the claims of Christianity which underpins the values of the school. It provides an opportunity for pupils to worship God, whilst seeking to be relevant to, and inclusive, of all. It reflects our Anglican tradition as well as exploring with pupils and staff a variety of ways in which Christians worship God.

Moseley Church of England Primary School is a Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School. In addition to the national legal requirement that there should be daily worship, as a church school, we have a Trust Deed which states that worship should be ‘in accordance with the principles and practices of the Church of England’ and in accordance with the School Ethos Statement in the statutory Instrument of Government. Collective Worship takes place every day for all pupils.

As this is an aided school, members of staff are expected to attend the act of collective worship.

In acts of Collective Worship in our school it is recognised that in our school community, some members will come from families with a commitment to the Christian faith, others from families with a commitment to another faith and yet others will have no particular commitment to any tradition. Therefore the content and language of collective worship allows for different levels of response. It invites rather than coerces.

Collective worship in our school influences the way that we live together as a community and before God. Members of the community are challenged to think, act and live differently as a result of these times together. Collective worship is a time for personal reflection and community building. Sometimes the whole school gathers together, and at other times, the act of worship is in class year groups, where there is an opportunity for individual children to be more actively involved, and to explore themes in greater depth for the appropriate age levels.

It follows the pattern here:


Links With Local Churches And The Wider Community

We aim to sustain and develop close relationships between our school, the Parish of St Agnes and the United Benefice of St Mary and St Anne. We encourage the full involvement of the clergy in our worship and the daily life of our school community. This involvment enables our pupils to become aware of the calendar of worship of the church. We also recognise that pupils at our school worship at other local places of worship and we sometimes invite representatives from other places of worship and other faiths to visit our school.

In order to enable children to become familiar with groups and organisations who play an important part in the wider community, representatives of such groups, such as Birmingham City Mission, are sometimes invited to lead acts of Collective Worship.

In addition, each class is responsible for planning and leading one whole school church service each year to celebrate festivals such as Harvest, Remembrance, Advent, Christmas, Candlemas, Mothering Sunday, Easter, Pentecost. These services take place in all three connected churches; families are invited to attend these services.  

We celebrate and give thanks for our Year 6 pupils, with an act of worship (Leavers’ Service) at St. Mary’s Church at the end of the Summer Term and our Year 6 pupils take part in the Leavers’ Service at the Cathedral, which is organised by the Diocese. In addition Year 6 pupils are invited to take part in a class retreat in July.

Parental Right of Withdrawal from Collective Worship

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship. If a parent wishes to consider this option, please contact the school office and arrange a time to discuss this with the Headteacher, Miss K Young.


Our Values


Our Values

We are guided and strengthened by our distinctively Christian values of Hope, Courage, Love, Thankfulness, Trust and Forgiveness. These values were chosen by our school community by reflecting deeply on the meaning of 6 key stories from the Bible. These values are nurtured and lived by all in our school community as we continue to learn and grow together.

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