At Moseley C of E we want to make sure that everyone is involved with Sports Day this year. For all those people that can’t make it into school this year, here are some activities that you can try at home.
Complete as many of the activities as you can and send a short video of each one to your class teachers. For each video, you send to your class teacher you will earn your team an additional 5 points to their total score. See how many you can do!

Have a go at the single leg runners. Challenge yourself and see how many you can do in 1 minute.

Try the man on fire exercises. This one will require your whole body and is a test of endurance. How many can you do in 1 minute? 

Floor thrusters are a challenging exercise. Have a go and see if you can do 20 with in a row! 

Kangaroo jumps also known as speed bounce. This is one of the activities that will be happening at sports day. find something small that you can jump over and have a go. See if you can do 30 in 1 minute.

Inch worm is another challenging whole-body exercise. Can co complete the whole thing without falling over? 

Shoulder taps might seem easy but see how fast you can go. You will need super co-ordination for this!

Plank Jacks are a combination of jumping jacks and the plank. See how many you can do in 1 minute. 

Turkish get-ups are always a challenge. To really challenge yourself see if you can complete it with something laid flat in one hand.