We aim to make geography a subject through which children can:

Make the best possible use of the school site and surrounding locality taking part in both class and fieldwork.  This will provide a focus for observation and enquiry methods and for the development of mapping skills.  The understanding, knowledge and skills promoted through first-hand fieldwork in the children’s’ immediate environment will subsequently be transferred to the study of other places.

  • Develop skills in the making and interpretation of maps, globes and other graphical representations.
  • Acquire an increasing understanding of the physical and human influences that affect the cultural, economic and ecological developments of people and places on the Earth’s surface.
  • Establish and utilise strong cross-curricular links with other subjects, especially English, Maths, Science, History and Citizenship.
  • Develop a sound factual background knowledge of geographical places and distributions which will enable them to put into context, and have a fuller understanding of, issues and events which are raised daily in the media and other sources.

Develop an emotional attachment to, and a pride in, their own familiar environment, and a concern for the well being of peoples and environments both locally and throughout the world.