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Head boy and Head girl


Meet our head boy and head girl - 


Hi I’m Nancy and I am the head girl of Moseley. I am in year 6 and love coming to school as it makes me happy. As head girl and head boy, Harri and I have decided the anti-bullying council and presented lots of surveys to the governors, also I always have a big smile on my face that makes everybody’s day. My favourite lesson at school is PE, ICT and art as they are active, lively and fun. I have lots of hobbies like : football , netball , running , swimming , dancing,  and MANY more sports . Also, my best friends are Dulcie, Jemima and Indigo who are the most amazing people ever and who are kind and loving. I am exited every morning to come to school as I can see my friend and learn new things.


Hi I’m Harri and I’m Head Boy at Moseley for this year; I am a pupil in year 6. As Head Boy (along with Head girl) I’m part of the pupil senior leadership team. So far this academic year we have chosen the anti-bullying council and presented a well-being survey to the governors, which we had observed the results of.

I enjoy school, as I see it as a chance to learn valuable lessons and see friends. My favourite lessons are PE, ICT, maths and Jigsaw. My hobbies are: running, squash, listening to music and art. I’m also a passionate lover of Rugby.