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Every Child Matters To God

Y5 Club


It was great to have some Y5 children back in the woods again. After hot chocolate they loved playing Green Man, hiding very carefully. Then they recapped on several knots that had been learnt in previous years as well as looking at a few new ones. They had some time to begin square lashing photo frames together and then chilled out climbing trees, swinging in hammocks, running with a parachute to investigate forces and some even completed square lashing their photo frame.

In their third session the children shared what they remembered about making fire and fire safety. Fire by friction was demonstrated. It was then competition time - to toast their marshmallows they each had to make a fire!

In their last session the children worked together to make some Forest School friendship bracelets. Afterwards some made swords using loppers, peelers, knives and square lashing whilst dens were made and a super bow and arrow constructed.

Finally it was time for the remaining Y5 children to start their Forest School club sessions. After a hot chocolate and time to discuss what had been learnt in previous years the children played a game of Green Man. This was followed by making a mini teepee to learn about lashings and frapping. Afterwards a life size model was made in groups. Flow time was spent on the hammocks, in the climbing tree and exploring mud textures in the Mud Kitchen. The session finished with an old classic game - 1,2,3, where are you?

In their third session the children accompanied Mr Earle on his site check, learning about woodland management. When measuring rope lengths they learnt that the distance between their fingertips on outstretched arms is the same as their height. After a fun game of 'Green Man' they recapped what was needed for a fire to be lit and went about making their own mini fires to toast marshmallows on.

In their last session the children played bears, Squirrels and acorns, as well as Green Man. They chose their own flow time activity with some exploring the woods and others making mini fires.